Adult Braces – Keeping Your Teeth Looking Spectacular

A common misnomer that most people have is that braces only belong to kids. If I am an adult and have bad teeth should I live with it? The short answer is no. Regardless of whether you have bad teeth or great ones, there are a million and 1 reasons why you should still get braces. Here are 3 of the most important reasons.

Based on data from the Academy of General Dentistry, there is a significant increase in adults wanting to get braces. The study covered the period from 1989 through 2008. Currently about a million people in the country over the age of 18 wear braces. Many folks just want to improve their smiles while others want to correct their overbite. A lot of celebrities also are getting into the braces craze like Faith Hill and Tom Cruise. The list goes on and on.

Your Smile is Important

The first impression that people get from you is likely the way you smile. It is the first thing that people notice. If you want to have a positive impact on the people around you, you can do it immediately with a beautiful smile. If you are not confident doing so because you have crooked teeth or just lack the courage for fear of being ridiculed, you can correct all of that with braces. Some people did not take care of their teeth when they were younger. Other people suffered from jaw pain, which limits the way they can smile. Your oral health will likely play a role when landing a job. Employers are more than likely to hire you if you have a nice smile as opposed to someone with crooked and unhealthy looking teeth. Your smile is important because it helps improve your self-esteem. A beautiful smile can make you more confident to be with people around you. Don’t let poor dental hygiene or genes get in the way of achieving your full potential.

Teeth Can Move

It is a known fact that teeth can still move regardless of age. It can be due to damage from injury or a health condition. Sometimes the natural growth of teeth can make it move. If you always had straight teeth in the past but now your teeth look different you might need to have braces. Some kids who had braces in the past might require them to have it again because of failure of wearing a retainer.

To Avoid Dental Problems

According to the latest dental research, teeth misalignment in adults has the same incidence with kids and teens. If you have misaligned teeth or cross bite, there is a huge possibility that plaque can buildup due to food and other debris getting stuck. This can lead to serious gum disease. Braces help in preventing tooth decay, gum and bone loss and even pain from conditions such as TMJ.

To Prevent other Health Problems

Problems in the oral cavity may not be the only health concern you may have if your teeth are not straight. Headaches and earaches are common occurrences for people that have oral cavity disease.

Your smile is related to your health. If you want to keep your teeth healthy, become more confident and prevent other health problems, adult braces go a long way to achieve all of that.

Tips For Easing Your Child’s Dental Worries

child inside dentist clinic in Robbinsdale MN

For kids, a visit to the dentist is a dreaded experience especially if it is their first time. If you want the cooperation of your little one when it comes to dental visits you will need to adapt and be more conscientious about selecting the right dentist first. First impressions last especially for a child. One thing you do not want them to have is a traumatic experience with someone that is taking care of their health. Here are some important tips on how to ease your little one’s dental worries.

Find A Good Dentist for Kids

Look for a dentist that you feel comfortable with and then schedule an appointment with him or her. When it comes to dental visits most are really checkups. It is sad that a child can have a traumatic experience with a dentist that can make him remember it for the rest of his life. A reputable dental clinic in Robbinsdale MN is what you should be looking for. Before booking an appointment check out any reviews a particular dentist you’re interested in has over the Internet. Leave your child with a sitter or while he is at school you can pay a visit to each of your potential candidates. Chances are you will be able to see right away if your child will enjoy being in that clinic or might throw a tantrum the moment you walk into the door. Do not be afraid to speak to the receptionist, the hygienist and the dentist too. Ask how he approaches kids. If he is not able to convince you chances are he wont be able to convince your child either.

Child Friendly

The clinic should be child friendly. Rooms might be decorated with bright colors and filled with animal or fun designs. The waiting room should have a number of toys to play with. There might even be some activity tables or video game consoles for kids to use while waiting for their appointment. A fun and relaxing environment can help ease a child’s anxiety when visiting a dentist. If they are relaxed then they will be patient and entertained while waiting for their turn.

Setting Expectations

It is important that you talk to your child regarding what will happen during the dental appointment regardless if it is a simple checkup or a more complicated dental procedure. Be receptive to your child’s fears. Never lie about what can happen, instead focus on ways to describe to him in easy-to-understand terms and language that is comforting to him. If your child is visual, sit down together and look at images of pediatric dental offices. Have him take a look at a dental chair, overhead lights and some of the usual equipment that they use. Consider giving positive behavior reinforcement like a reward following good behavior. Discuss what this reward will be so they can have something to be excited about once the session is over.

Bring a Friend

If your child has a favorite toy or stuffed animal, you might want to bring it along with them to the dentist’s appointment as long as it does not interfere with what the dentist needs to do. Some dental offices do offer a special collection of toys for kids to hold during appointments. If your child is a bit nervous, call the office ahead of time to inform the dentist of the situation so they can adjust their approach accordingly.

Read Stories or Play Games Involving Dentist Visits

Prior to your dental visit, read to your child a good selection of books that is geared toward their age level that involve dental visits. This can help desensitize them and hopefully lessen their amount of anxiety.

Encourage kids to practice good oral care habit, which includes routine dental appointments at an early age so they can develop a positive attitude towards oral care. Want to know more? Call or visit a friendly Plymouth Dentist today for more tips.

The Possible Causes Of Toothache You Should Know About

When we experience toothache we almost always attribute it to a possible cavity that is causing the pain we feel when we bite on our favorite food. While most of the time this might be true, it is considered only one of several causes of toothaches. Regardless of how well you think your dental routine is, at some point you might have experienced some discomfort like a toothache. Here is a discussion of the possible causes of toothache that your dentist will look into to ensure it is addressed.

Tooth Sensitivity

If you feel sharp pain when eating or drinking hot or cold food and beverages there is a big chance you have a cavity. However, it may also be a sign that you simply just have sensitive teeth and there is nothing really wrong with the teeth per se. Sensitive teeth can occur due to receding gums, or from thinning of your tooth enamel.

You can prevent tooth sensitivity by brushing your teeth correctly and regularly. Tooth brushing can be done twice daily for at least a couple of minutes with a toothpaste that does not contain high levels of abrasives so as to reduce the severity of your tooth sensitivity. Flossing is also very important in order to get rid of plaque on the gum line and between the teeth. Doing so regularly can help lessen tooth sensitivity. Your diet also plays a role in preventing tooth sensitivity. Follow a diet that is low on acidic foods to prevent tooth pain caused by sensitive teeth.

If your tooth sensitivity is severe your dentist can apply a crown or more boding to the sensitive tooth. The purpose is to counteract decay or to lessen the effect of diminished enamel. The last resort is a root canal and is usually reserved for the most severe cases where normal treatment is not enough to lessen the sensation.

Tooth Abscess

Tooth abscess is a bacterial contamination of the teeth. If the pain experienced is usually a sharp stabbing pain whenever you bite down on your food the usual cause is either a cavity or a cracked tooth. If you feel an incessant or throbbing pain then chances are it is an abscess that requires immediate treatment with antibiotics and possibly drainage.

Possibly Not Even Your Teeth

A less common but can cause significant tooth pain is a sinus infection. This happens only on your upper teeth on both sides of your face feeling the pain. This type of toothache is usually preceded by a nasal congestion and some tenderness felt around the sinuses. If you think this is the cause of your tooth pain better see your doctor at once.

If you notice a more identifiable pain in the jaw then chances are the cause is due to TMJ or temporomandibular joint dysfunction. This is usually caused by direct injury to the jaw, teeth grinding or bruxism and sometimes cancer or arthritis affecting the jaw joint or bone. If you recently had your wisdom tooth removed or if you have impacted molars then this could also be considered as the cause of the tenderness in the jaw area.

Consult With Your Dentist

Toothaches are always a major discomfort and can at times even prevent you from working or going about your day. Intermittent pain felt is really more of an inconvenience but delaying to see your dentist  until the pain has gotten so severe may not be the best option. It is recommended that you see your dentist immediately in order to identify the cause of the pain so that treatment and relief can be provided at the soonest.

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